Poetry: Poems I Made

A Poet’s Muse

He was a poet’s muse
A reason why someone can be up at one

She writes about his stern face,
Blank and amazed,
His reactions,
The intensities of emotions.

He was a pretty good source of ink-stains in pages,
But a bad source of tears and rages.

Poetry: Poems I Made

A Poet’s Curse

And a poet’s curse goes like this –

For leaving him while he was away,
You will be drawn to his every dream
You would want to erase his fears,
His existence you will find dear,
You will be around him,
You will see him near,

You will love him harder than anyone else before,
You will have tons of words to say,
But will utter none.
You would want to build a home with him in a day,
But there will be nothing to stay.

Poetry: Poems I Made


They told me to come to my senses;
When they don’t know where I came from;
They didn’t know the road I took
The mishaps, the roadblocks I endured;
The bruises I got;
The sunshine I tried so hard to produce;
The pain I endured;
The touch of gold
I had to give myself;
They didn’t know how awoke I was;
As I dream with my eyes wide open;
And chill with flames;
I watch every paper burn;
Every feeling stained;
I burn every bridge I cross;
In my head;
Since I was a kid;
I was told
That I would die
If I don’t hold the end of a rope.
Poetry: Poems I Made

Love begets love

It’s the eyes
That looks after
Your cold heart
In a brisk of drought

It’s the hand
That reaches you

It’s the arms
That protects you
From serpents
And sandstorms

It’s he who reads your mind
Destroys your walls,
Protects your core…

It’s him

Love begets love

poetry duet, Poetry: Poems I Made

Drying tears [A Poetry Duet]

I will always remember how his hands felt on my hair,
How his glaring eyes would burn
My winter-frozen heart

How he blissfully locked a chain of unexplained feeling…
that only two people can tell..
How can I forget the unforgettable feeling
That only grows when he’s around….

He gladly became the reason of my tears at night;
The bliss in my morning who walks nameless;
I can feel the sparkle of summer rain
In the middle of my winter night, he smiles.

With you… happiness becomes sadness
And sadness, becomes happiness

Because being with you.. knows no boundaries…

With you…I can see clearly in darkness;
I can say a word, without saying anything,
I can hear you, even if you don’t utter a word


[ Poetry Duet with Genessa Paje]

Poetry: Poems I Made

A familiar face, A familiar name

I realized
My love was dead
for years

For the face I saw
Few days past
Was just another face
Like his

For the name I uttered
Few months past
Was just another name
Like his

But it was not him
At all.

A stranger I recognize.

But not a love
I used to know.

It was just
Another familiar face
Another familiar name
I see in a street.



Poetry: Poems I Made


He was just like a sunset
Beautifully peaceful
Calming in every sense
He was an ending
Of a beautiful day
And a dawning
Of a lonely night

And she,
She was an ocean
Always calling for his name
But when he finally arrives
Takes a minute or two to stay,

And at night,
She just shine
Knowing her love is gone
She roars the tides
Some drown in her
Some live
She roars, regardless
For the love it will see again
But never stay

Poetry: Poems I Made


You were just like the darkness in a tunnel
I once walked in…
There was a clue I will be getting in there,
Then one fine day
I was inside that tunnel
I saw you
Your chest,
I do not get to see first
And so I came
Little by little
I saw
I never get to see everything that will follow
But who cares
You were my home
And now
You are a closed door
And I,
A tenant waiting outside
Waiting for the doors to open
But you were locked
So I stayed
Kissed the rain
Felt the sun lighting on my face
Days and days passed
There was a notice
That you were never going to open
And so I smiled
And one fine day
Waited still
For the rays of the sun
For the rain to drop
I can’t tell the difference anymore
between a sunny and a rainy day
Between summer and winter
I can barely tell
Everything felt
Just the same
Before you came,

Poetry: Poems I Made


And before I shut everybody out
May you be at the front door
Holding, Gasping the spaces
For it is dark inside this walls I built
I never liked hiding here.
But every time pain visits,
I go inside
For peace
For serenity
I waited for you
And you
Never came
That’s why,
I had to learn how to survive – alone.

Poetry: Poems I Made

Remember, I love you

You were always far away to me
A distant dream
That I only catch
When I close my eyes

I whispered to the air
Long before
I saw you

And I knew,
Prayers are answered
Dreams do come true

And I felt this love
That has been written
Long before

I felt this love
And now,
It’s happening

It’s making me afraid
To leave
Without having to feel this

But somehow,
A promise is being made

A promise of forever
To always remember

This love, that I feel
I will treasure

And I promise to remember
Everything about you
I will carry through

Poetry: Poems I Made


Love doesn’t ask much;
She knew she doesn’t have to.

Love knew that though he was breaking her heart,
He was protecting her in the meanest and kindest way possible.

Love knew that a hard labor can only buy her a pair of hairclip;
So she let her hair down instead.

Love knew pain like her best friend;
yet, love also knows forgiveness.

Love knew life was hard already
So she held his hand and never let him go.

Poetry: Poems I Made


I thought I prefer to see his face
With no beard nor mustache;

But when I saw him,
I knew I was wrong;

And all the ideas of him
Was gone from my head
I knew I was seeing the man that he is;
The raw, the 2 AM version of him
Is standing right in front of my very eyes

But I still got razor in my hand
And a cream;
I was waiting for my turn,
But when he came to me,

I just stared at him like an idiot,
Throwing a glance on his pretty damn eyes
Admiring the mess in his baffling face.

Poetry: Poems I Made


Imagine a woman sitting on a couch and a man opening the door, with those heavy footsteps, he enters the room, towards the 5 1/2 people in the room.
All the time, she was looking at him, these are her thoughts:

There he walked into the room
Every step he took
Seemed like heavy years
In my heart being taken out

There he sat,
In front of me
I looked at his face
Memorizing every detail

Then I looked at his eyes
And I recognized
It was my true love

The one that had never come
Until that day…
The feeling was unexplainably beautiful
Just like his sad eyes


Poetry: Poems I Made

On our way out

One day, I walked past a road
Then get stuck in a tunnel of black
Real black darkness,
Sadness, therein.
And on the mid-road of the tunnel
I saw those eyes speaking red
Glaring fumes of sadness in bed
I saw his empty chest; his heart being taken out
By a monster that had disappeared way past;
A memory which haunted his dearest heart
I reached for my heart; though still bleeding
And touched his face as I gave him my heart
With glimmering bliss;
And on that tunnel we walked out both
We felt the light beaming in our faces
Suddenly our breathe were warm
We felt life again.
Love was there again.
Love has always been there.
I looked at my chest, it was empty.
I had no heart. It was already his.
It was his, in the first place.

Poetry: Poems I Made


Take me back to the time
When we would smile
And my mom would shoot you
And I would block the bullet
And I would hug your silhouette

And we would meet at the street
And you would say that I can pass by
And we would meet like we’ve never been hurt
Like we’ve never cried
Like we’ve never been wrecked

Take me back to the time
When the streets call my name
And you would drive at 2 AM
And there would be just the same
There will only be your name

And we would love like there has never been pain
Like we weren’t been two broken pieces
Trying to heal each other for so long
But afraid to go after our home
So I look out and see you walking pass by me