Thirty something and introverted. Enneagram four wing five. Loved poetry since thirteen. Loves moon, ocean and skies. Moody. Author of Coffee, Mornings & You (2020).

About the author

Of the things which seemed to be puzzling to ponder at,
My curiosity grows, my mind wanders,
My hearts race where gardens float and flowers fly,
I see pieces of patterns, dreams and endless possibilities,
Amidst defeats, dead-ends and casualties therein.

To live is to experience diversities—
The good and the bad.

To see and feel the beauty and pain behind everything,
If I I am meant to live this way,
With vastness of emotions, then so be.

Seeing the world through multi-colored glasses
Bearing the entirety of experiences,
Giving the world a piece of me.

I would love to tell the coming generations
A story, about people and places, our life, maybe
Of what it’s like to live, here and now.

I’m one of many poets in this time.

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 🌹 Coffee, Mornings & You (2020)